low libido

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Low Libido

Low libido is a term used to describe a decrease in sexual drive that can interfere with sexual activity. it is common to lose interest in sex from time to time, and libido level very through life. And there are many options for low sex desire treatment in Delhi,noida, agra, mathura, lucknow, gwalior, bhopal, mumbai, pune, jaipur and all over india

what is libido?

Let’s start from scratch: To understand why sexual discomfort comes with it and what you can do about it, it is important to know what exactly Libido means. The libido is another name for the sex drive, desire or pleasure. Actually, the sex drive is something quite natural, but in men, at least on average, a little faster than women. Nevertheless, it may also interfere with the libido. In addition, the libido is always something very individual, personal. In one, it is more pronounced than the other, in the one phase of life is the libido may be bigger than in the next one. For example, consider the time when the woman gave birth to a child. Then, according to experience, the libido takes a back seat for a while, which is quite natural and is not a cause for concern. Nevertheless, it is a problem for a partnership if one of the participants feels a greater libido than the other. This imbalance is troubling both partners: one would like to have intercourse more often, while the other may feel harassed. Even if both partner have almost no sexual desire on top of each other, this can be a burden – unless it does not bother both partners. But for many people, fulfilling sexuality is simply part of the partnership. Therefore, a partnership often involves the desire to increase libido.


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